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“Exporters generate on average 121% more money than non-exporters. “

– Export Development Canada, 2016 –

Even the most experienced and innovative companies face challenges when tackling international markets. Political, legal and logistical aspects along with different business cultures complicate the action plan.

A firm that specializes in international development such as Pulsion will guide you every step of the way in the elaboration and implementation of your strategic development plan. Our goal is for you to generate the maximum income possible from your technological innovation.

Our Services

Pulsion offers a turnkey service to its clients. From developing your strategy to implementating it, we work hand in hand with you.

Competitive Intelligence

Intelligence de marché

Business Strategy

Stratégie d'affaires





To SMEs, exporting is often synonymous of uncertainty. Which markets to target? How to approach them? Are there resources available to me? Where to find the time? Etc.

To answer all your questions, Pulsion identifies the best markets for your technology and rank them in increasing order of sales potential. We do that by putting together an index which is a weighted composite of the most favorable buying criterias.

A rigorous competitive intelligence system then collects all the market information needed to focus all our efforts to the markets with the highest potential.

Targeting markets with highest potential allows us to concentrate our resources and energy into building an efficient and creative strategy.

A different approach is put together by our team and experts abroad for each and every country targeted, in order to take into account economical and cultural differences.

At this stage, you will have a clear picture of the situation including: available resources, potential buyers and representatives in each country and a list of all the marketing tools that will be needed abroad.

Our tools are divided in 2 groups :

Follow-up and Analysis Tools : We have developed those to share with you the vast amount of information we collected in a clear and concise way. It therefore becomes easier for you to make a well-informed decision at every stage.

Marketing Tools : According to your needs, our multidisciplinary team creates the tools that will support the best sales. These take many forms such as PowerPoint presentations, corporate videos, one-pagers, etc.

Tools Examples


Vidéo corporatif

Vidéo corporatif

Présentation PowerPoint

Présentation PowerPoint

Once the markets are identified, the strategy is drawn and the tools created, Pulsion organizes the business trips abroad. At this point, the priority is to meet the decision-makers and if required, local partners for technological transfer. An expert salesperson will accompany you, will take care of all the follow-ups and will close the sale.

Lower the cost of new opportunities by working with Pulsion. Focus your efforts where they will pay the most!