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A Few Clients


Raysoft is a computer software company specialized in the cell phone industry. Their flagship product is Complus, a Point of Sale (POS) management software for cellular stores of North America. Intuitive and efficient if offers all the advantages of a real-time connection to the suppliers.


Teleforest  manufactures and sells the Sky-Log system, an unique concept to transport lumber in hard to reach areas such as damped lands, marshlands and mountain slopes. The Sky-Log has a self-propelled carriage with a remote controlled and laser guided hook. The force of gravity is an advantage for tree hauling downhill allowing a 40% reduction on operation costs.

OPCO Technology

OPCO Technology is specialized in R&D for mobile forest equipment. Making the most of their technological advancement, they build vehicles and sophisticated ties. The company also invests a lot in R&D for the forest and bioenergy sectors.


  Since I hired Pulsion 2 years ago, my sales have doubled. They provided me with crucial information about the Canadian market that have enabled me to increase my profit. Thanks to their partnership approach, Pulsion’s proactive team brings positive energy to my company and strengthens my growth oriented vision. Pulsion listens to my needs and is fully engaged in my business vision, in addition of being transparent result driven. I strongly recommend them as a strategic partner for your major projects. 

– Richard Lalancette, President of Raysoft

  Due to their experience and creativity, Pulsion gave us precious information regarding the best strategy to contact businesses in our domain. Pulsion demonstrated their know-how in creating win-win partnerships so we can add value to our business offer. I recommend them as partners in your projetcts.  

– Francis Fortin, CEO, Chamard

  I recommend Pulsion especially for their great skills in managing suppliers as well as the quality of their in-house projects. Making a potential client feel the real-life experience of an invention or new technology is not an easy task and I truly believe they achieve it perfectly. 

– André Poirier, Ex-TV Director and Establishment Manager, Radio-Canada

  Pulsion demonstrated its expertise in negociating major contracts, in managing client’s expectations and in its strenght to create the right communication tools to support the decision-making process. Knowing the president’s leadership and the way he chooses his partners, working with Pulsion insures you will successfully carry out your projects with the best possible results. 

– Fernand Potvin, Senior Technician, Ecosystem