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About Us

Our Business Philosophy

Working in partnership is the modern way to do business. Combining the expertise of different groups makes us stronger, more proactive and innovative, while still remaining flexible. Let your staff concentrate on what they do best and take advantage of our specialized expertise to accelerate your business development!

What We Do Best

We build bridges between your technology and the market in order to give you access to the global marketplace. Our secret lays in targeting the best opportunities through strong competitive intelligence, a development strategy focused on the highest revenues, marketing tools especially adapted to your new markets and a relentless sales team.

Your Strategic Development Partner

Pulsion was created in 2011 with the main goal of helping Canadian inventors and entrepreneurs to commercialize their technology on local and international markets. We built our reputation by closing numerous large-scale deals in the energy and artificial intelligence industries.

Always on the lookout for dynamic entrepreneurs and promising sectors, we expanded our expertise to domains such as aerospace, drones (UAV) and green tech where new technologies emerge quickly.

We push forward Canadian high technologies.

Make business with our team to create your Pulsion!

“Exporting firms are 25% more groundbreaker and more likely to adopt innovative technologies.”

Export Development Canada –

Pulsion proudly supports Bassitara Quebec

Every year, Pulsion gives back 1% of its profit to Bassitara Quebec. This non-profit humanitarian organization whose name means “It will be alright” was established in 2008 by Daniel Beauregard after his cooperation experience in Burkina Faso. It aims at supporting childen’s education, mainly for girls who are more vulnerable.

With Bassitara Quebec’s help over 20 kids receive each year an education that will help them rise above poverty.